Using The Lastolite Hi-Lite With Nikon Flashguns To Generate High-Key Images

Lastolite Hi-Lite initially check with Nikon Flashes!

At last acquired round to using the Lastolite Hi-Lite transportable backdrop. It really is the most significant dimension they are doing at nine ft vast by 8 feet tall, unfolds like among those youngsters tents, and is particularly hollow inside of. The concept should be to make a superior essential white backdrop guiding whoever you happen to be photographing. The people can stand correct in front of it with

So we took it to your sixteenth birthday celebration and got the smallest space possible to work in! We set up having a Nikon SB-900 within the lastolite with a tripod, dealing with the rear along with the wide-angle deflector down and also the white diffuser fitted. We assumed we’d require the ability with the SB-900 to light-weight the massive backdrop, but essentially a sb-600 does the task just as well!

We had yet another Nikon SB-600 in entrance on a stand using a substantial 60cm softbox. The idea was to use the little flash to the Nikon D700 given that the commander and perform in Nikon CLS manner so we could management equally light-weight resources in the digital camera.

No-one on the net or in any message boards could notify us if this is able to perform, but astonishingly the CLS procedure worked By the Hi-Lite qualifications, in addition to brought on the softbox which was marginally powering the photographer! So thank you Nikon, just saved me about £1000 I was likely to spend on pocket wizards:)

(We did borrow some in the event it didn’t work, but no will need, generally be ready though)

We located the very best configurations were the SB-900 at 1/4 ability because it was a massive area to fill with gentle, the SB-600 on 1/8th power plus the digicam established together with the onboard flash as commander set on — which only emits the alerts the strobes desired. We shot mainly all-around F6 with shutter speeds involving a hundred and 200 determined by how active the men and women being shot had been, and how several there have been.

Using the focussing light around the Nikon is often a fantastic way to get men and women to smile on cue rather than shouting more than the bash din, we just inform them to grin every time they begin to see the light!

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